Top 10 NetEnt Slot Game Leaderboard Latest Version

NetEnt was established in 1996 and become a more powerful game provider after being acquired by Evolution Gaming. In recent decades, NetEnt has created many world-renowned online slot games. Countless die-hard players are crazy about NetEnt’s new works, just like customer are crazy about Jolibee’s new burgers! The reason is: “NetEnt is really good at making slot machines!”

NetEnt has stricken an excellent balance among slot machine’s gameplay, volatility, RTP, graphics, music, functions, and mathematics. The game is designed to be played fluently, without flaw. What’s wonderful is that players are able to receive a satisfying prize within a short period of time

Especially the top 10 slot machine rankings we are about to introduce next. Until May 2022, each game has been spun by experts hundreds of times, and all of them have received amazing rewards. If you don’t believe it, you should play it yourself. You might just fall in love with NetEnt slot machines. 

NetEnt game Theme RTP Characteristic Play now
Angels and Demons
6 x 12
Special layout
圖片2 1
adventure slot
圖片3 2
Low volatility,
圖片4 1
Million Dollar
圖片5 1
Killing Reward
圖片6 1
of the movie’s style
Movies, action
unique style
圖片9 2
The first
Avalanche slot
圖片10 2
Wild west style
King of free

Top 10 NetEnt Slot Games in the Philippines

We will showcase NetEnt slot machines from No. 10 to No. 1. These rankings take into account Filipinos’ preferences, features, rewards, themes and overall gaming experience, and undoubtedly you can find them on HawkPlay. You can currently get a 3% bonus as long as you top up instantly at HawkPlay. Now, let’s start introducing these fun NetEnt slot game right away: 

Top10 Archangels:Salvation (with 96.08% RTP)

The ultimate confrontation between good and evil, crazy full version of WILD!

NetEnt Slot Games: Archangels Salvation

In the battle between good and evil, angels and demons, players will witness who is the king of this troubled world. This 6X12 slot machine is impressive. Not only does it have a unique layout design, but the characters on both sides have fine movements like a 3D movie, which is already an excellent attraction!

In the game, there are two independent hot spots in the upper and lower 2 lines. As long as the WILD symbol falls here, it can stimulate the energy ball attack of angels or demons, and turn the middle symbol into more WILD symbols. As long as you enter the free game, it can be expanded into 3 lines of hot spots, and the number of WILD and crazy bonuses will definitely surprise players! 

Top9 Finn and the Swirly Spin (with 96.62% RTP)

Follow Finn and enter the whirlpool to explore the magical world of fantasy! 

NetEnt Slot Games: Finn and the Swirly Spin

Welcome to the land of magic, Emerald Isle, where the goblin “Finn” will welcome players. He will cast magic to help players get the keys to free spins, and play 4 distinct free games: Star Bar, Lava Lair, Golden Pot and Lucky Mug. This is definitely an adventure slot that you’ve never seen before!

Finn and the Swirly Spin, as the name suggests, is the first slot played with a spiral reel, where as long as 3 consecutive identical symbols appear, it will be eliminated and a lovely WILD star will be generated. The player’s goal is to send the Free Spins Key Scatter to the most central position to break through the free game. As long as you unlock the ultimate challenge, you can find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and win super prizes! 

Top8 Starburst (with 96.1% RTP)

The most played online slot machine ever!

In every NetEnt game leaderboard, Starburst is definitely among them! It is currently one of the most popular slots in the world and the most played game on NetEnt to date. There is no slot player who doesn’t know Starburst. The reason why it is so popular isn’t complicated: it is very easy to win!

Starburst has many features that can increase your odds of winning: like the WILD Rainbow Star’s arrival, which expands randomly and locks the wild and re-spins, and the Win Both Ways feature, which make money come out from the left to the right of the symbols. And its high RTP and low volatility performance make Starburst’s probability of winning very high. No wonder players love this game so much. Who doesn’t love a slot machine from which money is scattered while playing! 

Top7 Mega Fortune (with 96% RTP)

Biggest jackpot ever, life-changing slot machine! 

NetEnt Slot Games: Mega Fortune

It’s a game that makes players sleepy, but at the same time it’s the only world-class slot machine with the highest jackpot ever, with prizes of nearly 500 million pesos! Mega Fortune adopts a “cumulative” bonus mechanism, which means that online casino players around the world can contribute to the bonus pool. Players will win about 3-4 times a year, and the average winning amount is about 200 million pesos. Therefore, Mega Fortune is called a “life-changing slot machine,” you can enjoy your life to the fullest for the rest of your life.

Mega Fortune’s game is slow-paced and has a laid-back sense of luxury. Its high volatility can easily frustrate players, but once you enter Bonus Game’s jackpot roulette, you will definitely wake up instantly, because you are now holding the ticket to become a Millionaire. if you are lucky to get the arrow, and go on to the second and third rounds, and finally get the diamond-encrusted arrow, congratulations, let’s celebrate! You are the lucky one who just turns your life around. 

Top6 Blood Suckers (with 98% RTP)

Bonus Reward: Pierce the Vampire’s Heart! 

NetEnt Slot Games: Blood Suckers

It is hard to believe that this is a slot game made in 2009. It’s the scariest slot we’ve ever played. Yes, bloody vampires are so terrifying. Blood Suckers is quite successful in creating the atmosphere: whether it’s the terrified Vampire Bride, the well-fed Vampire King, or the Bonus feature of piercing the vampire’s heart, all of the elements have made the game an incomparable classic.

However, Blood Suckers has so much more than just what has been mentioned, its 98% RTP is the highest of NetEnt slot – we can imagine the sensation caused by the game’s launch back then. It is such a special slot with an extremely high winning rate. Despite its sequel, “Blood Suckers 2”, we still think that the original version is the player’s favorite! 

Top5 Jumanji (with 96.33% RTP)

A game that you should try in your lifetime, an epoch-making slot 

NetEnt Slot Games: Jumanji

This is a slot adapted from a film popular worldwide in 1995 called “Jumanji”. It has reached a technical peak in terms of art, animation, score and rewarding. Expert of hawkplay thinks that Jumanji is a must-play slot. It represents endeavors of art throughout generations, which will broaden your horizon for sure.

Jumanji is the first slot that features checkerboard in its free games section. Players need to collect three Scatter symbols to enter checkerboard games and enjoy four different fierce free games: vine, monsoon, monkey, and stepping. It is even possible to receive extra prize unexpectedly. In addition, expect unexpected situations such as crocodiles jumping out of water, rhinos stamping through the checkerboard, and monkeys moving symbols. These are the trials for our players. Don’t let them get to you. There are a lot of treasures and prizes waiting for you. 

Top4 Divine Fortune MegaWays (with 96.09% RTP)

Holy Roman Empire,the highly anticipated Jackpot! 

NetEnt Slot Games: Divine Fortune MegaWays

“Divine Fortune” is an epic Jackpot slot. You don’t have to travel in time personally, the game will take you back to the mythological ancient Rome. It is a top-ranked game, because it features a variety of functions and provides a lot of prizes! Such as Wild move, Falling Wilds Re-Spins, Wild-on-Wild, free games, and of course the most classic Jackpot Bonus, which includes three different cumulative prizes.

It is quite easy to hit the jackpot. You should only gather three or more rewarding symbols, to activate Bonus game. If you get three rows of coins, then you win the largest prize! Divine Fortune has got player’s mood wrapped around its finger, and has attracted many frenzied fans. Everybody is excited about the prize draw. Maybe you are that winner favored by the goddess of fortune tonight. 

Top3 Narcos (with 96.23% RTP)

A slot that will make you smile knowingly 

NetEnt Slot Games: Narcos

We love Narcos so much! It is an official slot adapted from a Netflix television drama with the same title. It tells the story of how a Columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar, gradually made South America become a narcotic empire in the twentieth century, and this interaction with Drug Enforcement Administration.

What’s excellent about Narcos is that it has a humorous and laid-back vibe compared to other slot, making players fall in love with it. We would like to mention specially the “Locked Up feature”, which can be activated once you have collected three Escobar poster symbols. And the poster’s special prize (such as the leading actor Wagner Moura smiling at you) will be given if more poster symbols are successfully framed in the golden lock. You can easily be captivated by it even if you’ve never watched the show before. 

Top2 Gonzo’s Quest (with 95.97% RTP)

NetEnt Slot Games:

Gonzo’s Quest takes place in the ancient city of Inca, the game was released in 2011 and it is the first slot game using the “avalanche reels feature.” With each spin, colorful stone walls of masks will fall down, and as the symbols of successfully connect and collapse, new stone walls will be added again. If you continue get combos, you can get up to 2500X bonus!

It is a very interesting slot games that you will never be tired of, thanks to the excellent bonus features, with over 40% win rate of in the main game and a high bonus multiplier increases by the combo you get, players can earn a satisfy amount of money on every spin. Currently, Gonzo’s Quest remains one of NetEnt’s most popular slot game. 

Top1 Dead or Alive2 (with 96.82% RTP)

King of free game, prize up to 111,111x 

NetEnt Slot Games: Dead or Alive2

We are glad that Netent produced the excellent Dead or Alive’s sequel. It created a real western cowboy vibe: danger, money, and vastness. Players will play the local sheriff in search of the five outlaws. Player would do anything to arrest them, including hopping on a train, breaking into a car and a salon.

Dead or alive2 is also called “the king of free game”. It provides three free game modes. There are different RTP, multiplier (up to 111,111x) and wild, it is rather high for a non-jackpot slot. We recommend players to choose “Train Heist Free Spins Feature” very much, if you get wilds, the multiplier and the number of free spins can plus one. If you are lucky, you won’t see the end of free spin, spin and spin, it won’t stop just like a train. 

NetEnt will no Longer Produce Slot? What’s the Relationship between NetEnt and Evolution?

Maybe you have noticed that NetEnt produced less and less work these recent years. It has created many classic and various slots in the past. But as time goes by, the force of its creativity and sparks have faded gradually. And this year, NetEnt was acquired by the leading game distributor, “Evolution Gaming”, for 2.3 billion dollars.

Does it mean that there will no long be any slot with the style of NetEnt? Don’t worry, the creative team of NetEnt in Sweden is still there. We are looking forward to its fusion with Evolution. If you have heard of some popular live casino games like “Crazy Time, Mega Ball”, these are the masterpiece created by Evolution.

Evolution Gaming is the expert of running live online casino, its service now includes roulette, baccarat, poker and so on. It holds almost the highest market share in online casino business, and now it expands its business by bringing slot machine into its service range. In addition to NetEnt, even Red Tiger is one of its brands. It seems pretty obvious that who will be the market leader of live online casino. We look forward to seeing the whole new Evolution! 

Which Online Casino has the Most Complete NetEnt Slot Games?

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We make the chart based not on single data, but various factors such as popularity, Jackpot prize, volatility, RTP and comprehensive evaluation of the overall gaming experience. This is how we chart NetEnt games. 

For explanation of RTP(Return To Player) and Volatility, please refer to this article:Slot RTP: The knowledge players should know
Jackpot known as ‘’the largest prize, or the first prize’’, is also called ‘’Progressive Jackpot Slot’’. Every little amount bet by player will be accumulated to become big prize. The accumulation of prize won’t reset and start over until somebody wins the jackpot. 

The biggest strength of NetEnt is that it can magnify slot machine’s advantage, and highlight the characteristics of every slot machine. Like the Mega Fortune that ‘’has the biggest jackpot in the world’’, ‘’the scariest’’ Blood Suckers, and Jumanji, that recreates wonderfully the movie scenes. They all leave good impression on every player and become classics. is the website where there are the most guides on how to play slot machine in the Philippines. There are game experts among us who can rival those European and American counterparts, and who have written many useful guides on casino games for hawkplay. 

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