PG Slot – Heist Stakes Slot Game Introduction

PG Slot - Heist Stakes Slot GameBeware! Thieves from PG Slot world had already made a perfect plan to rob the bank! The grafter will dress just the same as the securities to make sure their partners have no enemies to face. The hacker will do what their name suggests, break the bank security cameras and alarms. The thief will do the most important thing, steal away all the treasure and cash!

This game perfectly shows how much profit can players earn from the main game. The wild symbols system is upgraded to the next level in Heist Stakes. If the wild(s) appears on reel 3, the rest of the symbols on reel 3 will turn into wilds! Gives players a huge advantage to hit the combo. This is the feature that all players beeline into– Unlimited Wild Symbols Feature.

Quick & Easy Review Heist Stakes Slot Game

Heist Stakes
Max Exposure

PG Slot - Heist Stakes PG Slot - Heist StakesPlatform: iOS/Android/Windows/MAC/HTML5

Max Exposure: X3071
Secretly sneak into the bank, move billions of cash into your pocket! Unlimited Wild Symbols Feature makes you win more when all symbols on reel 3 transform into Wild symbols!
Max Win

*Main game: Charged spin mode.

*RTP: Abbreviation of “return to player”, average paybacks toward players. See also What is RTP in slot machines? Full Slot RTP Guide in 2022

*Volatility: Proportion of awarded probability and degree of rewards. Medium volatility is deemed to be balanced on both sides.

*Max exposure: Maximum win of a single spin. Simulated in 1 billion spins.

Highlights of Heist Stakes

Unlimited Wild Symbols Feature

Wild symbol appears frequently and can transform other symbols into Wilds.

Free Spins Feature

3 Scatter symbols to unlock Free Spins Feature with 10 free spins, each additional Scatters will trigger 2 more free spins.

Retriggerable Free Spins

3 or more Scatter symbols appear in Free Spins Feature will retrigger it again based on the same Scatter rule.

Increasing Multiplier

The multiplier will increase by 1 when the winning combination is formed and symbols have cascaded down.

PG Slot – Heist Stakes Pros & Cons

Pros of PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes
  • 5 star visual
  • Frequent free spins
  • Main game feature
  • Unlimited Wild Symbols
Pros of PG Slot – Heist Stakes
  • The low betting top limit
  • Low symbol values

PG Slot – Heist Stakes Bonus Feature

number 1
Unlimited Wild Symbols Feature
Wild Symbols Feature Type A of Heist Stakes
Wild Symbols Feature Type B of Heist Stakes

When the WILD symbol appears on reel 3. All the other symbols on reel 3 (exclude Scatter) will turn into WILD. And they will cascade down until there is no more combo. Unlimited Wild Symbols Feature can be a trigger in both Main Game and Free Spins Feature.

number 2
Free Spins Feature
Free Spins of PG Slot Heist Stakes
Free Spins Win of PG Slot Heist StakesHeist Stakes

3 Scatter Symbols for 10 free spins, each additional Scatter Symbol will trigger 2 more free spins, topmost 5 Scatters & 16 free spins. The multiplier will start from 1, when hitting the payline with symbols cascaded down, the multiplier will +1. Free spins can also be retriggered.

PG Slot – Heist Stakes Symbols & Payouts

PG Slot - Heist Stakes Scatter Symbols
Scatter symbol

Three or above to trigger Free Spins Feature. 2 more free spins will be added for each additional Scatters.

PG Slot - Heist Stakes Wild Symbols
Wild Symbol

Wild Symbol substitutes for all symbols except Scatter Symbol. Unlimited Wild Symbols Feature triggers only on reel 3.

PG Slot - Heist Stakes symbol : Big Prize

x5 = 50
x4 = 20
x3 = 15

PG Slot - Heist Stakes symbol : Cash

x5 = 15
x4 = 10
x3 = 8

PG Slot - Heist Stakes symbol K

x5 = 10
x4 = 8
x3 = 5

PG Slot - Heist Stakes symbol

x5 = 25
x4 = 15
x3 = 12

PG Slot - Heist Stakes symbol : Coin

x5 = 15
x4 = 10
x3 = 8

PG Slot - Heist Stakes symbol Q

x5 = 8
x4 = 5
x3 = 3

PG Slot - Heist Stakes symbol : Prize

x5 = 20
x4 = 12
x3 = 10

PG Slot - Heist Stakes symbol A

x5 = 10
x4 = 8
x3 = 5

PG Slot - Heist Stakes symbol J

x5 = 8
x4 = 5
x3 = 3

Actual Gameplay Display & Statistic

The best way to evaluate and review a game is to try it! Words and images can not fully convey what our QA team wants to show you. We analyzed the number of bonus features to see if the advertisement information from PG Soft is true.

*All displays are performed in a $1 bet size.
*Statistic is based on real gameplay data. A QA team’s strict conduct.


Actual spin display

Super Mega Win

Unlimited Wilds Feature

Free Spins Feature


100 Spins Statistic in this game

In 100 spins, Unlimited Wild Symbols Feature triggered 23 times, Free Spins Feature 16times, RTP will be 98.35% which means bet ₱100 profit ₱98.35

Tips & Winning Strategies

Turn Off the Turbo

There is some little details player might miss in Turbo mode– Wild symbols and Scatter symbols. The winner of an online slot is always someone who pays attention.

Look Out for Wild Symbols

In other games, a wild symbol may not be the most important thing; but in Heist Stakes it is different. The wild is the key point to winning a super mega win!

Set a Bigger Bet Size

Although this game does own the highest RTP in PG Slots, after the evaluation of our QA team, its performance is surprisingly great. In our team’s opinion, it’s because of the Unlimited Wild Symbols Feature. You can set a bigger budget to challenge a bigger real money reward.

Count your Potential Profit

To profit to the maximum, you need to get familiar with the value of every symbol.

Skill Free Spins Feature

The free spin feature in this game is not only free but also increases the multiplier, your cash prize will rocket like no limit.

Our verdict

Heist Stakes is the slot with best Wild symbol gameplay. The more chance hitting the payline means more chance to get real money bonus. The special wild system and Free Spins Feature will definitely give you a surprise, for example the super mega win we just mentioned.We’ll rate this game 8/10 based on the performance of RTP, multiplier and payout.

a slot game performance

Best Online Casino Philippines for Heist Stakes & PG Slot

Withdrawal png
Fast or not?

After the cashout application submits, the procedure will take a period. All players can do is wait. A good casino should give players a clear date they can receive the money and the whole procedure should not take over 24 hours.

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Physical or not?

Although an established company may not necessarily need a physical location. But having a physical location will certainly increase the credibility. All large-scale enterprises must have several offices to deal with many works, and online casinos are not different. When choosing an online casino, be sure to pay attention to whether it has an actual address.

Safety png
Safe or not?

High-quality online casinos should always pay attention to the security of players’ information to protect the rights and security of both parties. Data breaches happen more often on low-security sites, resulting in an endless leak of information. Your credit card and personal information will be at risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PG Slot is the biggest online slot supplier in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand and the Philippines.

The chain winning reaction: Wild on reel 3 -> triggered Unlimited Wild Symbols Feature -> more winning combination.

After the wins are paid and new symbols have cascaded down, the multiplier will increase by 1.

Yes. You can play Heist Stakes on all systems and devices.