PG Slot – Galactic Gems Introduction

PG Slot - Galactic Gems slot picWelcome to Galactic Gems slot guide. “Hazel” is a special planet in the universe of PG Slot, which is full of rich treasure. But bringing back those treasures is such a tough mission, no one has done it successfully till now. The Abiya people are the ones who can bring back the mysterious treasure. Players will be the Abiya people, the new generation of “Travelling Prospectors”!

Game provider, PG Soft, break the bounder of traditional online slot. Players will no longer suffer from not entering the free spin. It is all because the re-spin system it has can make you spin all time! You can repeat getting a re-spin chance in the main game, so the bonus game won’t be that important.
*Main game: Charged spin mode.
*Bonus game: Bonus feature (primarily Free Spins Feature) mode.

Galactic Gems
Max Exposure
PG Slot - Galactic Gems PG Slot - Galactic Gems0418 icon
Max Exposure: X2658
Collecting the sparkling diamond in the galaxy – Bonus Respins with multiplier is one great feature of Galactic Gems. Clear the blockers successfully to get a respin!
Max Win

*RTP: Abbreviation of “return to player”, average paybacks toward players. See also What is RTP? Is the RTP rate equal to the chance of winning?

*Volatility: Proportion of awarded probability and degree of rewards. Medium volatility is deemed to be balanced on both sides.

*Max exposure: Maximum win of a single spin. Simulated in 1 billion spins.

Highlights of Galactic Gems Slot


Re-spin Feature

Hit the payline in the main game, you can get 1 free spin.


Unlock More Ways

Every time you hit the payline, more payline will be unlocked, creating more chances to win.


Bonus Re-spin Feature

Players can enter the bonus re-spin feature with easier requirements, allowing them to access more free spins.


Increasing Multiplier

In the bonus re-spin feature, the multiplier will add up to 1 whenever a payline has been hit.

PG Slot – Galactic Gems Pros & Cons

Pros of PG Slot – Galactic Gems
  • High RTP
  • Increasing ways
  • Main game feature
  • Frequent free spins
Cons of PG Slot – Galactic Gems
  • Long payout session
  • Less bonus feature payout

PG Slot – Galactic Gems Bonus Feature

number 1
Respin Feature
Respin Feature in PG Slot - Galactic Gems
Respin Feature of PG Slot - Galactic Gems 02

Each win combination can get a free spin, with no symbol limited. This feature will only be the trigger in the main game.

number 2
Unlock More Ways
unlock more way in PG Slot - Galactic Gems
Unlock more payline in PG Slot - Galactic Gems

When the game start, there will be 12 blockers at the fixed places. A win combination is completed 1 symbol will go destroy another blocker, and the destroyed blocker will turn into payline possibilities. When all the blockers are declared, the player can enter the bonus re-spin feature.

number 3
Bonus Re-spin Feature
PG Slot - Galactic Gems
Big win in PG Slot - Galactic Gems

When all blockers are declared, the bonus re-spin feature will be triggered, and you will get a free spin and a game life. The multiplier will add by 1 in each spin, and as long as the winning combination is achieved, you can get 1 more free spin. When the number of free spins is used up, you can increase the number of free spins by consuming one life, and life will increase by 1 after collecting 15 winning symbols.

Galactic Gems Symbols & Payouts


Initially 2 blockers in 12 fixed positions, eliminate in more ways.

PG Slot - Galactic Gems symbol : Citrine

x5 = 500
x4 = 200
x3 = 50

PG Slot - Galactic Gems symbol : Amethyst

x5 = 200
x4 = 80
x3 = 20

PG Slot - Galactic Gems symbol K

x5 = 35
x4 = 25
x3 = 8

PG Slot - Galactic Gems symbol : Red Quartz

x5 = 300
x4 = 150
x3 = 30

PG Slot - Galactic Gems symbol : Meteorite

x5 = 50
x4 = 40
x3 = 15

PG Slot - Galactic Gems symbol Q

x5 = 30
x4 = 20
x3 = 6

PG Slot - Galactic Gems symbol : Prase Quartz

x5 = 250
x4 = 100
x3 = 25

PG Slot - Galactic Gems symbol A

x5 = 40
x4 = 30
x3 = 10

PG Slot - Galactic Gems symbol J

x5 = 25
x4 = 15
x3 = 5

Actual Gameplay Display & Statistic by PG Slot

It’s not only a demonstration but a test. Any machine recommended by us will first go under our full evaluation. Everyone hopes to play a truly high reputation slot machine, so we want every game we introduce to have proven credibility.

*All displays are performed in a $1 bet size.
*Statistic is based on real gameplay data. A QA team’s strict conduct.


Actual spin display

Respin Feature

Bonus Respin Feature

Big Win


Online slot game 100 spins statistic by Hawkplay Team

In every 100 spins, chance of Respin Featrue is high to 67% & Bonus Respin Feature 19% with RTP 98.13%

Tips & Winning Strategies

Reasonable Bet Amount

You need to be able to adjust your budget. Avoiding spending over what you can afford makes you able to complete the whole profit cycle if you are using a strategy.

Pay Attention to Details

For online slot players, paying attention to small detail will help you get familiar with the gameplay.

Keep an Eye on Bonus Re-spin Feature

The increasing multiplier in the bonus re-spin feature is your chance to grant a high payout.

Study the Value of Symbols

The multiplier value is a different symbol from symbol. Try to hit the payline with a high multiplier.

Know Your Limits

No matter whether it is slot or casino game, the player need to know their ability and choose the most suitable betting strategy. Take Galactic Gems, for example, we can bet more freely, because it has high RTP and multipliers.

Our Verdict

All in all, the main feature in Galactic Gems is the re-spin. The re-spin system is an alternative form of Free Spin Feature to player. We’ll rate this game a 8/10 based on the performance of RTP, multiplier and payout.

a slot game performance data

Best Online Casino for Galactic Gems & PG Slot

A fine online casino owns various slot species, a good reputation, and legitimacy. Play Galactic Gems for real money now!

slot machine png
Various or not?

Being a casino with good quality, it should have various games, make sure there are serval game providers for the player to choose on. PG Slot is one of the best game providers.

Reputation png
Good or not?

A good reputation will gain the trust of the players. Especially to real money casinos. Are you willing to take the risk of depositing your money into a whatever casino, or a popular one?

Formality png
Legitimate or not?

The informal online casino is unable to protect your account information. In the worst situation is, you may not able to get all your money back, and your privacy will be leaked.

Frequently Asked Questions

PG slot is the biggest online slot machine provider, especially popular in Thailand and the Philippines.

Since the requirement to get into the respin feature in Galactic Gems is very easy, we suggest that players can bet with a small amount of money first, count whether the proportion of respin is consistent with the expectation, and then bet with a large amount.

The blocker will only be destroyed when hitting the payline, and also trigger free spin for once. If the player didn’t hit any payline in the free spin, the destroyed blockers will turn back to the fixed position.

 Yes, you may play it on any mobile system.