War of Dragons and its Advantage

War of Dragons by JILI Games may be different from the online slot machines you know, because most of them are set up with Auto spin, and you can only sit back and wait for good luck to come to you. Players do not have many choices, they can only leave everything to luck. The point is, your spins and bonus multipliers in free game are uncontrollable, as long as you trigger it, you can only resign yourself to fate.

Advantages of War of Dragon Slot Game

However, this is not the case for War of Dragons. After players luckily enter the Free game, they can freely choose the number of rounds and multipliers they want (as shown in the figure below). The more rounds, the smaller the multiplier; the fewer rounds, the greater the multiplier, the choice is in your own hands, and you can create your own “lucky way”.

War of Dragons
Min/Max Bet: ₱0.6/1920

Jili Slot - War of DragonsJili Slot - War of Dragons png
Platform: iOS/Android/Windows/MAC/HTML5

Max Win

4 Features of War of Dragons

Free Choice
Free Choice png

Select your preferred Free Game mode,Use simply one finger to master your own victory formula.

High Volatility
High Volatility png

War of Dragons has a volatility of 4 out of 5, and you can win an unimaginable amount of money on a single spin.

New Gameplay
New Gameplay png

When special symbol falls on first reel and fifth reel, players are rewarded as well.

Paid Scatters
Paid Scatters png

Scatter Symbols of War of Dragons have bonus multipliers!

Guide to Play War of Dragons for Beginners

When playing War of Dragons by JILI Slot, there’s something important that the players have to know, which is the connection method. Almost all online slots are only required to be “adjacent” on the connection line. As long as symbols appear on consecutive reels, it counts as a connection, and the starting point of the connection is not required.

However, this game has set a starting point for the connection. All symbols must start from the leftmost (first reel), otherwise it will not be considered a connection, such as three symbols located in the middle, or on the far right. They won’t get you the corresponding bonus multiplier. Please refer to the figure below for specific example.

Which paytable is real work in slot game?

Board, Paylines
The board is 5×3 with a total of 243 paylines.

Free Game
Players can enter the Free Game only when the three or more Scatter Symbol appears in a row on the leftmost side (first reel). Free Game has five modes for players to choose, each mode has different free spin times and different multipliers. Free spin is up to 25 times, and the multiplier is up to 30 times.

Mode #1
Free Game in War of Dragons
25 free spins

Random 2, 3, 5 multipliers

Mode #2
Free Game in War of Dragons Mode #2
20 free spins

Random 3, 5, 8 multipliers

Mode #3
Free Game in War of Dragons Mode #3
15 free spins

Random 5, 8, 10 multipliers

Mode #4
Free Game in War of Dragons Mode #4
13 free spins

Random 8, 10, 15 multipliers

Mode #5
Free Game in War of Dragons Mode #5
10 free spins

Random 10, 15, 30 multipliers

Wild Symbol
Wild Symbol Wild Symbol can be linked with all Symbols and does not have its own bonus multipliers. It will only appear on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th reel.

Scatter Symbol
Scatter Symbol Scatter Symbol is used to activate Free Game and has its own bonus multiplier.
If 3 or more Scatter Symbols appear in a row from the far left, you can activate the Free Game.
Scatter Symbolx5 = 50Scatter Symbolx4 = 10Scatter Symbolx3 = 5


JILI Slot - War of Dragon Phoenix symbol

x5 = 1000
x4 = 100
x3 = 50

JILI Slot - War of Dragon kylin symbol

x5 = 800
x4 = 100
x3 = 35

JILI Slot - War of Dragon symbol

x5 = 800
x4 = 100
x3 = 30

JILI Slot - War of Dragon turtle symbol

x5 = 300
x4 = 50
x3 = 20

JILI Slot - War of Dragon Red envelope symbol

x5 = 300
x4 = 35
x3 = 15

JILI Slot - War of Dragon symbol A

x5 = 200
x4 = 30
x3 = 10

JILI Slot - War of Dragon symbol K

x5 = 200
x4 = 20
x3 = 10

JILI Slot - War of Dragon symbol Q

x5 = 100
x4 = 15
x3 = 10

JILI Slot - War of Dragon symbol J

x5 = 100
x4 = 15
x3 = 10

JILI Slot - War of Dragon symbol 10

x5 = 100
x4 = 15
x3 = 10

Red Envelope Symbol
In Free Game, the Red Envelope Symbol has another way of connection. Players can win random bonus multipliers of 50, 20, 15, 10, 5, 2, etc., as long as it appears on both the far left and the far right (fifth reel).

How to Win War of Dragons?

War of Dragons is an online slot where a few players have options, and its volatility is higher than the average game, suitable for rational players who can develop a reasonable betting strategy.

Due to the very high volatility of War of Dragons, players can easily win big prizes when making connections. It is recommended that players try their luck with a lower bet first, after adding up the frequency of Free Games, and then increase the bet to get the most benefit from it.

Jili Slot - War of Dragons Real Game

Where can you Play War of Dragons in Ph?

You can play it on Jili Game’s official website or many other big online casinos, but if you want to win real money, the only way to do it is through the casino. You can play all Jili Slots at Hawkplay Casino, and we highly recommend Philippine players to sign up because it has two advantages that are hard to replace:

Philippine local companies

HawkPlay is based in the Philippines and is a large-scale entity. When players encounter any problems in the game, there will be specialists here 24/7 to serve you.

Easy to withdraw

The website features different payment methods and banks, all of which are used by the Filipino. Moreover, after understanding that some players are insecure about depositing their money in online casinos, we have also removed all withdrawal restrictions, and you can get as much as you have, without any fees.


All online slots made by Jili Games are Jili Slots. Their biggest feature is that the RTP is very high. Want to learn more? Please refer to Jili Slot – Buyable Free Game Slot Online

Volatility is an arcade game term used specifically to describe a game’s winning rate. The higher the volatility, the lower the winning rate; the lower the volatility, the higher the winning rate. However, games with high volatility have higher maximum bonus multipliers. Players often think that even though the winnings are low, but you will win a lot as soon as you win; on the contrary, games with low volatility have high winning rates but the maximum bonuse multipliers are low.

Slot RTP (Return-to-Player) shows the player’s return rate in proportion. The RTP of War of Dragons is 96.54%, which means that players will get an average of 96.54 pesos from 100 pesos, and it is very likely for players to get more in games with high volatility.

Yes, you can play War of Dragons on any mobile phone.