Super Rich – A High Win-Rate Jili Slot

Jili Slot - Super Rich

Super Rich is an auspicious slot machine by JILI Games with the background of Ganesh Festival in India. The origin of the story is very auspicious, and it hopes to bring players countless money. Ganesh is an ancient deity in Hindu mythology who is said to be capable of removing all obstacles for his followers and bring them good luck. He is the patron of arts and sciences; and the deva of intellect and wisdom. Even if you didn’t know him until today, he will still bless you – with simple game rules and high winning rates, he makes miracles happen to you every time you turn the slot machine.

Super Rich
Min/Max Bet: ₱1/1920

Super Rich by Jili SlotSuper Rich by Jili Slot, mobile version
Platform: iOS/Android/Windows/MAC/HTML5

Max Win

Super Rich Slot and Its Advantage

The two main advantages of Super Rich slot, one is the simple rules of the game, and the other is the high prize rate.

Simple Game rules
There is no need to further explain, just look at the actual game screen below. How much bonus multiplier you can get from which combination of symbols is all clearly marked on the far left, and all you need to do is spin.

High odds of winning
How does the odds of an online slot work? The answer lies in volatility. The volatility determines the game’s maximum bonus rate and the frequency of small bonuses, so you can naturally know its winning rate. The higher the volatility of the game, the higher the bonus multiplier and the lower the frequency of small prizes; the lower the volatility of the game, the lower the bonus multiplier and the higher the frequency of small prizes. The volatility of Super Rich is only one out of five, which makes it easier for players to win.

4 Features of JILI Slot Super Rich

Exotic Culture
Exotic Culture png

Allow players to fully experience exotic cultures and welcome the good luck that Ganesh brings to you.

User-Friendly png

Players can get all the information directly from the game page.

Simple Rules
Simple Rules png

With this game, you don’t have to spend time memorizing the functions of various symbols, because there is only one symbol here: Ganesh.

High Win-Rate
High Win-Rate png

Due to its low volatility, it has a very high winning rate.

How to Play Super Rich at Online Casino?

When playing Super Rich, players must pay special attention to one thing: not all spins will have symbols, and the principle is the same as all online slots, not every spin will be connected. Instead, this game has high bonuses, and when you get the symbols, you are guaranteed to win as low as 8X and the maximum payout is as high as 888X, which is a very high winning rate.

Board, Paylines
The board is 3×3 with a total of 32 paylines. Players can win as long as they reach any 4 colors of Ganesh. Since the disk is 3X3, there may be cases where no symbols will appear. At this time, it is not a connection, as mentioned above.

free spins
There are no free spins in this game.

Wild symbol
There are no wild symbols in this game.

Scatter symbol
There are no scatter symbols in this game.


Ganesha symbols in Super Rich online slot game

x3 = 888

Ganesha and 2 Any symbols in Super Rich online slot game


Purple Ganesha symbols in Super Rich online slot game

x3 = 88

Red Ganesha symbols in Super Rich online slot game

x3 = 58

Green Ganesha symbols in Super Rich online slot game

x3 = 28

Any symbols in Super Rich online slot game

x3 = 8

How to Win Super Rich by Tips?

If you want to win Super Rich, don’t forget to choose your stake carefully. The player’s initial bet after entering the game is 3 pesos, but you can also click “BET” to adjust it yourself. Players must decide how much each bet is based on their stake in order to achieve the perfect win ratio.

Although it is very easy to win in this game, it is not recommended to increase the bet to the highest (1920 pesos) at the beginning, otherwise, if you didn’t win, not everyone can afford the consequences. It is recommended to set the minimum bet (1 pesos) first, record the result of each spin, and then gradually increase the bet.

Super Rich is different from most online slots, you don’t have to worry about “even if you win, you may not win back your bet”, as long as you win here, you are guaranteed to win more than 8 times the prize money.

It subverts the concept of traditional slot machines - high winning rate but small winning bonus or low winning rate but big winnings bonus, it is a game with high winning rate and high minimum bonus multiplier; its simplicity of rules magnificently conquers most arcade games.

Super Win in Super Rich slot game

Where to Play Super Rich in the Philippines?

Although Super Rich is produced by JILI Games, not all online casinos that cooperate with it will feature the game, so if you want to play it, two conditions have to be met: those games have to be in cooperation with Jili and have to be launched on the platform. There is exactly one casino to recommend you: HawkPlay Casino.

Here, you can take part in Ganesh’s frenzied celebrations and enjoy endless deals. We can guarantee the rights and interests of players to the greatest extent, among which Filipino players are the most important, because Hawkplay is an online casino specially designed for Filipino players. All of your problems, including the money that you earn, will be resolved in a timely manner – all our services are online 24/7 and waiting for you at any time.


All online slots produced by Jili Games are called Jili Slots. In addition to the Super Rich mentioned in this article, there are more fun games waiting for you to experience. Want to learn more? Please refer to Jili Slot – Buyable Free Game Slot.

Volatility is an arcade game term used specifically to describe a game’s winning rate. The higher the volatility, the lower the winning rate; the lower the volatility, the higher the winning rate. However, games with high volatility will have higher maximum multipliers to match players’ expectations: “it’s hard to win but those who win will win a lot”; the logic applies to games with low volatility too.

No. Payline does not reflect the quality of an online slot, nor can it be used as a basis for the winning rate.

Yes, you can. You can win money from the online slot as long as you register at the online casino and top up.