WM Baccarat may be different from what you think

Being a classic casino game, WM baccarat is the most popular one. The pandemic is still everywhere, more and more people choose to play casino games online, but their requests on the qualities are also more and more rigorous. So, how do we pick the gaming casino for ourselves?

Some casino game suppliers have to change the number of side bets due to their consideration, some have increased the odds in these side bets, some have changed the rules, and some have even canceled the 3rd cards. Because Covid-19 continues to burn, the systems each supplier hold are also different in this chaotic period. If you play the game by one single provider, ignoring other high-quality suppliers with more functions, services, bonuses, and odds, you might miss some casinos such as WM casino. If you are a fan of live dealer games, this guide will be your best support!

Why should a player play baccarat at WM casino?

The good road of baccarat roadmap by WM Casino

WM Casino has fancy functions, players can adjust them according to their preference to not lose any money-winning chance. How does WM increase players’ winning chances? The answer is the unique “Good Road” setting.

After entering the game hall, we will see the function and settings, which will affect the player’s winning rate in the game. For example, the “game history” is an important reference to predict how the game will go.

Sometimes these patterns in the game history are obvious, but players fail to notice because the betting time of each round is only 20 seconds. How could the setting help player during these 20 seconds?

“Good Road” generally refers to those patterns that are beneficial to players. They will present on the Big road and players can easily recognize them. When the player is stressed out during the 20 second betting time, the “Good Road” system will pop out to assist the player. There are in total 11 “Good Roads”.

On the other hand, when players leave the game room and are back in the hall, they can also use the sorting function to display the regular game rooms in the front, and the preview will also show which Good Road meets the current situation.

With such convenient assistance, the winning rate will of course increase. Excited already? Let’s continue to see how baccarat likes!

How to play WM baccarat on online casino?


WM Baccarat is generally the same as most other baccarat, with point 9 as the maximum and point 0 as the minimum. Card 9 is the largest, followed by 8, and 10, J, Q, and K with 0 points. The banker and the player will get two cards in each game and can make up the 3rd cards when the total sum is smaller than a certain number.

The 3rd card system of the player is relatively simple. As long as the total sum is small than 5, the 3rd card will be a deal; but the system will be more complicated when it comes to the banker. So far, other rules are the same as classic Baccarat.

The biggest difference between WM baccarat and classic is that the former has up to 25 betting parties and half of them are WM original, while others have less than 20.

In WM Baccarat, 10 betters are “SuperTie”, and the odds can be up to 1:225! SuperTie is distinguished by the sum of points, which are SuperTie 0 ~ SuperTie 9. There are two requirements: First if the game result needs to be a Tie, which means, the sum of bakers and player are the same (the same as the classic one); The second is the number.

For example, if the total number of points of the banker and player is 2, this is a SuperTie 2, and players who bet on it can get 1:225 odds.

FYI: Other WM originals include Banker / Player DragonBonus, Banker / Player Natural, Any Pair, Perfect Pair.

Banker / Player DragonBonus refers to the deviation of the banker player. As long as it is between 4-9, one who bets on this side can get up to 1:30 of the odds. If the sum of the banker is 9 and the total number of points of the player is 0, then the Banker DragonBonus is the winner. The difference between the total points of the banker and the player is 9, so the odds will be banker DragonBonus 9, 1:30.

Banker / Player Natural refers to the first two cards of the banker or player is a natural card, then one of them wins. If it is a tie, the player’s bet on these side bets will be returned in full. For example, the banker’s card is ♤ 8, and the player’s card is ♧ 8. Both cards are natural, but the points are the same. At this time, the bet return mechanism is triggered. The odds that players can win in Banker / Player natural is 1:4.

Any Pair, as long as there is a pair in the banker’s or player’s hand, one who bets on this side wins, with 1:5 odds.

Perfect Pair means the banker and the player get the same cards because the chances are small, so the odds are 1:25.

Experts remind you that the conditions for establishing a pair are not only the same number of cards but also the same letters of cards. ♧ J and ♢ J are also a pair.

Where can I play WM Baccarat in the Philippines?

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