AE Sexy Gaming provide the Best Live Casino Game

AE Sexy Gaming is also called AE Sexy. One of the biggest real live casino game suppliers. The main types of games are Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, dice games and live roulette. In addition to a variety of games for players to play, it also has a different style of game halls. Each hall has a special theme, allowing players experience a variety of gameplay. There are four important elements AE Sexy Gaming puts effort into, which are game types, professional dealers, background decoration and interface layout. These features make players win money in the most comfortable environment.

AE Sexy Gaming Makes Live Casino Game Simple

To fit the Philippine market, AE Sexy Gaming has collected 4 popular types on the market: Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, dice games and live roulette. Players can choose by preference. These games are launched after a series of rearrangements and professional design, and after countless evaluations to determine their stability, they can be put on the shelf.
While maintaining the diversity of the game, it does not forget to make the live casino game easier. Because generation nowadays emphasizes convenience, this also includes that players can quickly become familiar in any game field. The system and layout have also been continuously improved. The games played by all players here are exclusively redesigned. It is a bonus point if players are able to recognize the difference between them and games from other suppliers.

Take live dealer game — Dragon Tiger, for example, the winner of this game is decided by the point sum of the Dragon side and Tiger side get. There will be 3 main bets, which are Dragon, Tiger and Tie. Side bets will have a lot, Dragon double/ single/black/red, Tiger double/ single/black/red are the choices. Players not only need to be familiar with the winning qualifications of each bet but also know the rule of side bet size first. It is not a very “simple” game.

Therefore, “Simple” as the focus, Sexy Gaming improves the original betting method and only retains the 3 main bets, Dragon, Tiger and Tie. Even if you are here the first time, you can get started quickly. It concentrates the core of live games and only retains the most “intuitive” elements to help experienced players calculate the winning rate but also ensures that rookies can get started quickly.

Other popular games such as Baccarat, dice games and live roulette also upgrade in the same concept. While focusing on richness and convenience, AE Sexy Gaming does not forget a group of well-trained beauty dealers.

AE Sexy Gaming: The Fairest Live Casino

live dealers in AE Sexy Gaming

When players are playing any live casino games, 2 things are often concerned.

1. Is the broadcast live?

This is related very directly to one’s playing experience. A good online casino will reproduce the elements of a real physical casino. No matter the props or the presentation screen are the same as the real world. The player will no longer play under the old-fashioned game in electronic form, and the game can directly interact face-to-face with the official.

2. Is it rigged?

On the other hand, if the game is not broadcast in real-time, it will extend the possibility of rig. Players will not be able to monitor whether there is cheating in the system or the casino. If players increase their bets today and want to win back with profits, they may not know that the dealer has already collided with the casino and the players will end up losing everything.

When playing games in AE Sexy Gaming, players don’t need to worry about all the above. The professional studios set up in casinos will broadcast live to players all over the world 24 hours a day. If suspected cheating is found, there is also contact info on the card table for anyone to report.

All the sexy dealers in AE Sexy Gaming have the highest professional ethics and professionalism in the industry. Here, we should pay attention to that their every move must make a certain meaning.

For example, in the live Baccarat, after the dealer had dealt the cards, she will turn and move on the card with her hand. This is to ensure that there is no cheating. These actions have repeatedly shown that the dealers are well-trained. The players who cannot visit the physical casino can fully feel the same atmosphere here.

Besides, it’s not easy to be a dealer here. She must have solid experience in the card table and pass the test in appearance – the team of engineers uses the technology of artificial intelligence to digitize the aesthetic elements of the general public. After obtaining the consent of the subjects, the technicians will put their faces into the database for matching, hoping to find a face that all players enjoy.

3 Types of Live Baccarat Rooms

3 types of game halls in AE Sexy Gaming

In addition to the general game hall, AE Sexy Gaming has 3 special rooms with different themes for players to choose from Asia, sexy and special.

Uniform Room in AE Sexy Gaming
Uniform Room

Asia hall focuses on Asian beauties. Philippine players can see familiar Asian faces. Here, players can not only interact with beautiful dealers but also witness handsome male dealers somehow.

FYI: Currently, male dealers only appear in a few suppliers.

Stewardess Room in AE Sexy Gaming
Stewardess Room

The sexy hall is dominated by foreign beauties. All the faces players see in the sexy hall are Western, and all of them are women. After players click into the game hall of AE Sexy Gaming, the system will preset sexy hall as the first place, which can be seen how popular it is.

SM Room in AE Sexy Gaming
SM Room

The special hall is customized to meet all kinds of fantasies of male players. There are dealers cosplaying students, nurses and even BDSM queens… It also has male dealers, too. No matter what preference, it can all be satisfied here.

Clean and Simple Game Page

The interface of AE Sexy Gaming is recognized as the cleanest in all live dealer games. Each function and button are placed in their proper position in order. Players can use these functions at a glance without additional instructions. In terms of the game hall, the menu is displayed on the very left. After choosing what you want, there will be 4 buttons on it, representing 4 games: Baccarat, Dragon Diger, dice game and live roulette. Players can intuitively start playing. If players want to check their account status, there is also an obvious display on the upper left corner. Players can reach online customer service on 7/24 for any help.

Play AE Sexy Gaming at Real Money Casino

Because the official AE Sexy Gaming is not open to average players, like all game providers, it will not provide deposit services. Players must register on the online casino with which they cooperate to play.

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