Evolution Speed Baccarat Introduction

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If you are familiar with Evolution Gaming, you will see these kinds of game halls in live baccarat. In general time, Speed Baccarat will have more popularity than other baccarat games. Here is the reason why.

The rules of speed baccarat are the same as the classic one, the only difference is the betting time. Comparing the 20 seconds in the classic mode, the betting time of Speed mode is only 10 seconds, which shortens the period for players to gain profits. It allows huge profit in a short period and this is also the very reason that baccarat experts choose Speed room to play.

What a Speed Baccarat Serves You

Advantage of Speed Baccarat

Speed baccarat shortens the process of the game also indirectly makes you profit faster. This means that you can win more real money in a shorter time, which is the main reason why it is popular among players.

In addition, it can also effectively help professional players to control the situation. A good game can meet the stander of ‘task complete’ and this feature is hidden in the details. Speed baccarat effectively removes elements that are unnecessary for professional players (long betting period/ waiting time,) so they can continue their strategy more effectively.

This is undoubtedly a great advantage for professional players, but not so friendly for new players. New players need more time to think and searching clues in the upcoming analyze. They don’t have extra mind to think about the next game, so the extra betting time will be necessary for them.

The target players of Speed mode are more to be an experienced baccarat player. If you are a new player, it is recommended to go to the classic game hall first comeback after you gain experience.

Evolution Speed Baccarat Rules

Bet in Evolution Speed Baccarat:

Bet in Evolution Speed Baccarat:
Main bets
Side bets
Player Pair
Banker Pair

Multi- the bet is allowed.

The side bets are derivative from the main bets. Most of the players mainly bet the main bets to have stable wins.

The banker and player get two cards each round, and sometimes a third one depending on the situation. The winner of the game is determined by the sum of the points, but the point calculation must first undergo some procedure to calculated correctly.

Point count in Evolution Speed Baccarat

Card Count as Rank
9 the largest
2nd small
10, J, Q, K

When the sum of 2 cards is over 10, only the single digits will be calculated or you can directly minus the number by 10.

For example:

Bet in Evolution Speed Baccarat:
1st card
♧ 3
2nd card
♥ 8
X: 3+8=11, O: (3+8)-10=1

Your thing is to predict who gets a larger sum. If the sum two sides get is less than a certain value, they will both get a 3rd card. 3 cards are the maximum, no 4th card.

When the sum of two sides is equal, the result of the game is a “Tie”. The odds are higher, goes as 1:8, but the highest odds are still inside bets, both of them are 1:11. A “pair” requires two cards with the same number of points, but the suit is not required. Therefore, if you win the side bet in Evolution Speed Baccarat, you can get the 1:11 high bonus.

Game Halls Overview

The game rules of speed baccarat from different game suppliers will also be different. “Speed” here only means shortening the betting time. The rules are the same. Also, if you want to apply your gaming strategy, you should refer to the classic baccarat of each supplier first.

Speed Baccarat by Evolution Gaming is the most popular live dealer game currently. Millions of players come to play every day and try to become the lucky ones. As we mentioned earlier, almost every supplier will have a speed version of baccarat, but none of them are as popular as Evolution’s.

There are 19 halls, from A to S. A, B and C are the classic halls. But now there are a lot more than just A B C room and that is another story if you mention how to choose a game hall.

The preview will show the game history so that players can quickly understand the current situation in each hall. It is recommended players to choose a midterm room so that they can know how to bet according to the game history. All baccarat players know that game history is a very important reference and index to predict how the game will go.

At the same time, the upper left corner of the preview will also show the betting range. The betting range in speed halls are usually ₱50-₱250000. You can now start by selecting the hall that meets your budget.

How to Play Evolution Speed Baccarat?

Enter Evolution game page, find Baccarat & Sic Bo, and click the game category under the menu. You will see not only baccarat games but also Sic Bo and dragon tiger.

Halls are casually arranged in page, you may also rearrange by selecting thumbnail sizes at the top-right corner to make the whole screen presents as your preference.

For convenience, you can place your mouse and you will see the preview of each hall. This can speed up your decision.

Advantages of Evolution Speed Baccarat

Baccarat is in every supplier’s game, why should player choose Evolution? The reason is simple, Evolution has less rebate, less side bets but more profit.

Less Rebate

Less Rebate

As every player knows, rebate is needed in baccarat. Some game supplier further amplifies this shortcoming, so that they can draw more from the player, this is what players are not happy to see. After careful evaluation, you will find that Evolution draws the least – only 5%, and all other wins are all to the player.

Less Side Bets

Less Side Bets

We deeply understand what baccarat players’ urge in the game; Besides the money, it is “routine.” Every time you are in new game, you must get used to the numbers of the side bets. This is a very annoying thing, so players will get used to playing games from the same supplier.

If you are willing to play with Evolution, it will never disappoint you. Don’t have to spend time studying any side bets, because those side bets are the common one, and fewer than you think. Winning the same amount, are you willing to spend more effort or less?

More Profit

More Profit

Evolution Speed Baccarat has a special system “Red Envelope” which will appear in random games and lands on Tie, P Pair or B Pair, increasing the multiplier up to 88x. If you win that the round, you can win all of Red Envelope’s bonus.

Bet Pay
B pair
P Pair

Best Online Casino for Evolution Speed Baccarat

Before playing Evolution Speed Baccarat, it is necessary for you to understand the current casino in order to choose the most suitable one. Generally speaking, they have to contain these elements to be a good one.

Live Dealer of Casino

Live Dealer

Kind remind! Not all online casinos have live dealer games, be sure to when you choose, so that the one you pick meet your expected.

Evolution speed baccarat with fast withdrawal

Fast Withdrawal

Due to the processing transaction between banks and casinos, the cash flow varies from site to site. However, looking it in different perspective, casinos can actually be adjusted this issue, and high-quality one will transfer money to the player as soon as possible.

Deposit bonus in speed baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonus is one of the main incentives. If you want to win real money, deposit is required. If you want to deposit, you must consider whether there is a promotion going on. You could use the offer to win more money, maybe adding an extra 0 to your account.

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