What is Evolution Monopoly Live?

Evolution Monopoly Live is a TV show version of Monopoly board games. It is one of the world’s best-selling games and Evolution Gaming took this advantage and created a new live show. Players will be able to jump into an amazing 3D Monopoly scene and follow Mr. Monopoly to build a building one after another and win crazy prizes of up to 9,600X!

Monopoly Live won both EGR and Gaming Intelligence’s Game of the Year awards in both 2019 and 2020. The experts said that Monopoly Live’s rules are easy to understand and it’s exciting to present live in 3D! This cross-generation game has captured the imagination and redefined the world of live casinos.

How to Play Monopoly Live with Real Money?

We will help you quickly understand Monopoly Live and play with real money in 7 steps:

1. Enter [Home Page] > [Casino] > [Evolution] > [Monopoly Live]
After you enter Monopoly Live, you will see a big-money reel in the middle, with the host, Mr. Monopoly, showing you the game. You had already entered the world of Monopoly, congratulation.

big-money wheel and host

2. Game interface and how to bet
Monopoly has six betting options, 1x, 2X, 5x, 10x, 2rolls, and 4rolls. The 2 rolls and 4 rolls are bonus games and you have 12 seconds to place bets with the chips below.

Game interface and how to bet

3. Turn the money wheel and the game begins
The game begins as the host turn the money reel. All betting will be closed until the money wheel stops at a number, bonus games, or Chance.

Turn the money wheel

4. Where does the money wheel stop?
If the reel stops at zone 1, get 1x odds, zone 2 get 2X odds… If the reel stops at the “Chance” area and you’ll get a cashback or a double bonus. If you stop at 2 rolls or 4 rolls of the bonus game, you will follow Mr. Monopoly into the new space. The 7 areas in the money reel are explained in as the following table:

Wheel Number of them odds
1 22 1:1
2 15 2:1
5 7 5:1
10 4 10:1
Chance 2 Random cashback/odds X
2 rolls 3 Bonus Game
4 rolls 1

Monopoly live stop at 2 rolls

5. “Chance”
If the money wheel stops at the “Chance” area, the host will present a Chance card that randomly displays either a cashback or a multiplier bonus. If Chance turns out to be a multiplier bonus, the host will spin the wheel again, and the multiplier is added up again!

Monopoly live stop at 2 rolls

6. Enter the bonus game
This is the part that all players look forward to most! When the wheel turns to “2 rolls” or “4 rolls” Mr. Monopoly will take you to a 3D Monopoly augmented reality world, where you can build houses, and hotels, enter prisons, draw chance cards, and more, just like in any regular Monopoly game you play at your table.

At the beginning of the bonus game, there will be a flying boat camera that rolls two dice, and Mr. Monopoly will walk the same number of steps as the number of dice. If you roll two dice of the same number, you can roll the dice one more time!

Evolution Monopoly live enter the bonus game

7. Claim your bonus
Whether you bet on the numbers or luckily enter the bonus game, the online casino will immediately send your winnings to your wallet. Monopoly Live has an RTP of 96.23%, which represents a 3.77% advantage over players in the long run, but don’t worry! By following our guide, everyone can play better with strategies. Please read on patiently as we teach you how to bet and win more.

bonus win

Monopoly Live - Tips and Betting Strategies

Before we get to the four Monopoly Live betting strategies we have, you need to know that no matter how casual and fun this game is, it’s still a casino game. The casino always had a little bit of an advantage over players. Therefore, players must be careful to make bets according to their budget and make the most favorable judgment when betting. Of course, combined with effective strategic use can also help to improve the odds of winning.

Here are four game tips we want players to learn before getting into the game strategy.

-Buy a ticket to check the Game history at any time, and you’ll be able to pick periods of Bonus Game time to place bets.

-If you’re in the urge for a big prize, don’t forget to bet 2 rolls or 4 rolls.

-If you’re looking for a steady wind, you bet equally between 1, 2, 5, or 10.

-Don’t let your emotions mess you up — when you’re losing, you can be tempted to bet big impulsively. Take a deep breath and pull away temporarily — otherwise, you lose more.

Here are four game tips we want players to learn before getting into the game strategy.

Next, we will give you the most advantages and most used betting methods, namely, “low risk”, “medium risk”, “intermediate risk”, and “high risk”.

Low risk strategy

You can multi-bet on 1, 2, 5, 10, and 2 rolls at ₱45 per bet, with a 98% of win rate.

  • Bet 1-₱25
  • Bet 2-₱5
  • Bet 5-₱5
  • Bet 10-₱5
  • Bet 2 rolls-₱5

This strategy can expand the playing time of players as much as possible, and the win rate is as high as 98%. You can achieve good results with a high winning chance most of the time. Although you can’t win a great amount in a certain game, the frequent small amount gradually accumulated into a considerable amount, which can also make the fun of the game last for a long time.

Medium risk strategy

You can multi-bet on 2、10、2 rolls、4 rolls at ₱45 per bet, with a 46.29% of win rate.

  • Bet 2-₱5
  • Bet 10-₱5
  • Bet 2 rolls-₱5
  • Bet 4 rolls-₱5

Do loving bonus games but have a limited budget? We recommend this strategy to you!
Bet on the smallest amount of ₱20 to win a big bonus! At the same time, this is also the most popular strategy. Many game experts and famous gaming YouTubers are winning a million bonuses by applying this strategy.

It is suitable for all levels of players. Depending on your budget, if your budget is allowed, you can increase the amount of bet to ₱25, ₱50, or even ₱250. The more you bet, the higher the bonus.

Intermediate risk strategy

You can multi-bet on 2, 10, 2 rolls, and 4 rolls at ₱45 per bet, with an 18.51% of win rate.

  • Bet 10-₱5
  • Bet 2 rolls-₱25
  • Bet 4 rolls-₱25

If you own a more flexible budget, you may want to consider this higher-level strategy. But please note that you should not apply this to your game too often. Because you have most chances of losing money. We use the winnings you make for betting “10” as much as we can to expend the time, and expect the bonus game to bring back even more bonus!

High risk strategy

You can multi-bet on 2 rolls, or 4 rolls at ₱45 per bet, with an 11.11% of win rate.
This is a very high-risk combination and is often used when you want to put all your eggs in one basket. The only strategy we have is to watch the winning pattern carefully. When 2 rolls or 4 rolls have not opened for a long time, or when the host is changing their shift, that’s a good time to bet. Mr. Monopoly can bring us amazing prizes beyond our expectations!

Players must be patient and pay attention not to over spend the daily budget. If the budget is used up, it is best to stop. Sometimes it’s just a bad day and you can keep your budget for a good future.

Where can I Play Evolution Monopoly Live?

We recommend the three best online casinos in the Philippines right now: Hawkplay, Lodibet, Nuebe Gaming and Jilibet. As Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming has 3D virtual scenes that play in real time and the graphics are of very high quality, it is important to allow multiple players and maintain a smooth game flow to avoid disconnection and unsuccessful wins.

In addition, Hawkplay also provides a ranking of online casinos in the Philippines, which has been carefully evaluated by experts and gathered together nearly 30 of the best gaming sites. This is a great opportunity for players to get the best casino pocket list as soon as possible. Read: Best Online Casino Sites Philippines for 2022

Can I Win Real Money in Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is fun, enjoyable, and incredibly exciting, which is what Evolution Gaming’s reality games are adept at. Like many European and American games, it is difficult to get a satisfactory win in a short period, and players must be patient, resist the temptation to bet by feeling, and keep betting according to strategy to have a chance to win bonus games.

This is Evolution Gaming’s second roulette live game, following 2017’s Dream Catcher, which also features a host spinning a large roulette wheel to determine the player’s reward based on where the reel ends up. The innovative Monopoly Live brings the real and the virtual to a new level with the addition of 3D Characters (Mr. Monopoly) and bonus games.

Monopoly Live’s success has inspired Evolution Gaming to launch the world’s most popular money reel game, Crazy Time, in 2020. The game pushes the total prize money to the limit: ₱25,000,000, with 4 kinds of bonus games, and a 24-hour non-stop broadcast, successfully triggering a heated discussion around the world! Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, and Crazy Time, each of these money reel games are like a great TV show. Give it a try, and you may find one of them suits you particularly!

How Big was the Win on Monopoly Live so far?

The most recent win was in March 2021, which was a 2224X win, nearly as much as 5.29 million euros, equivalent to nearly 300 million pesos! During that round the money reel stopped at Chance, giving the player an 8x multiplier, and the luck man then wins a lucky 4 rolls bonus game.

By the time Mr. Monopoly landed on King Cross, Marylebone, Coventry Street, the total prize money was 2224X, which almost drove everyone insane!

And Mr. Monopoly lives up to its promise, and when it finally lands on Park Lane, you can’t imagine how many players around the world have turned their lives around, especially when the jackpot winner gets 300 million pesos! Maybe he’ll never work again and never have any money worries! What could be better than that?

Monopoly Live offers unimaginably large prizes that are the envy of all, and if you want to try your luck, welcome, endless opportunities are waiting for you.


Mr. Monopoly


You can not play it free. But you can watch Monopoly online for free, just go to Hawkplay888.com, register and log in, click on Casino > Evolution > Monopoly Live and watch it for free. If you want to participate in the game, just deposit.

1. Stop playing if you continue to lose. It’s good to take a break and take some time off. 2. Develop your own betting strategy, please refer to the tips in the above article. 3. Set a budget for each visit and when the budget is used up, stop playing. 4. Analyze the pattern to see how often bonus games appear.

Monopoly Live is best played in an online casino with good connections and no interruptions. Like Hawkplay, Nuebe Gaming, Lodibet, Jilibet.

Monopoly was originally published by Hasbro as a board game on which all players can move, buy property, or trigger events. It is currently one of the most played board games in the world. Now Evolution Gaming has turned it into an online TV live, where players can use real money to actually bet, connect with players around the world and make money.

The original artist of Mr. Monopoly is unknown, but he is like the sign of Monopoly. At first, he was called “Rich Uncle” and was portrayed as a chubby man with a mustache, suit, and bow tie, becoming a symbol of extreme wealth. But now they call him Mr. Monopoly, Monopoly Man, Or Mr. Moneybags.

Monopoly Live is live 24 hours a day all year round and if you don’t see Monopoly Live in the casino, don’t worry, it’s probably a system repair and it will be back.